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Join our new 30-minute live luncheon chats presented by Dr Rust Theron, Physician, Durbanville and featuring SA experts who are actively involved in treating SARS-COV-2 infected patients.

This series will allow you to:

  • Get up-to-date information on SA’s COVID-19 situation
  • Join the conversation and ask experts for their view on your concerns and issues
  • In 30 minutes, get key practical tips on managing and treating COVID-19 infections

Dr Rust Theron, Physician, Durbanville

Our Sessions

Join the conversation and ask experts for their view on your concerns and issues.

from 17 August 2021
from 31 August 2021
from 14 September 2021
From 28 September 2021
RECORDING: Diagnostic and Screening Test - COVID-19
What tests for which patients and when? Dr Rust Theron presents this overview. Dr Jean Maritz, Pathcare provides key action points for clinicians.
Experts: Dr Rust Theron & Dr Jean Maritz
RECORDING: Preventing COVID-19 infections & treating your patients out-of-hospital
Aimed at providing practical advice for everyday clinical practice. Join Dr Rust Theron and Professor Guy Richards in their discussion of vaccination inertia and care of ambulatory out-of-hospital COVID infections.
Experts: Dr Rust Theron & Professor Guy Richards
RECORDING: The COVID referral dilemma: Who and when to refer
Experts: Dr Rust Theron & Professor Guy Richards
RECORDING: COVID-19 Vaccines: All you need to know!
Experts: Dr Rust Theron, Professor Shabir A Madhi & Professor Guy Richards
From 12 October 2021
From 26 October 2021
From 9 November 2021
RECORDING: Navigating the fog of long-term COVID-19
Dr Shaquir Salduker, well-known psychiatrist has focussed on helping patients manage chronic pain, fatigue and the demands of mental illness. Today, COVID-19 is presenting both immediate and long-term challenges to patients’ mental health which he will deal with in this special lunch chat.
Experts: Dr Rust Theron, Professor Guy Richards & Dr Shaquir Salduker
RECORDING: Caring for children during the COVID-19 pandemic
Prof Claudia Gray, Paediatrician and expert in Allergic Diseases, Red Cross Children’s Hospital and Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Cape Town shares her experience of caring for children during the COVID Pandemic with Dr Rust Theron, Physician, Durbanville Medi-clinic. The immediate and long-term effects of COVID infection in children will also be addressed. Join the conversation and submit your questions NOW as you register for this 30 minute expert-led chat.

Experts: Dr Rust Theron, Prof Claudia Gray & Professor Guy Richards

RECORDING: Wrap-up COVID chats: You asked?...Prof Guy Richards replies
The last of our 2021 COVID Lunch Chats, Prof Guy Richards deals with Vaccine priorities, response and side-effects in very young children; Long COVID principles and care; Answering your latest questions & Presents a Summary of key clinical learnings.
In conversation with Dr Rust Theron, Durbanville, Prof Guy Richards will also look at the COVID -19 outlook for 2022? What more can we do to protect and treat our patients better, while also caring for ourselves and the healthcare team?

Experts: Dr Rust Theron & Professor Guy Richards

Please note that these chats are not CPD accredited

Medical Expert Panel
Meet the Experts

Meet our SA experts who are actively involved in treating SARS-COV-2 infected patients.

Dr Rust Theron

Dr Rust Theron

Physician, Durbanville Mediclinic
Dr Rust Theron is a leading specialist physician with more than 25 years’ experience in private practice. He heads the COVID-19 emergency team at Durbanville Mediclinic. With a keen interest in research leading to his participation in numbers of International Trials in the field of asthma, diabetes and heart failure, and involvement in medical education at the University of Stellenbosch, Dr Rust Theron is keen to stimulate debate and participation in COVID-19 care in the country.
Prof Claudia Gray

Prof Claudia Gray

Kidsallergy Centre
Claudia Gray is a paediatrician with subspecialist training in both allergy and pharmacology. Her basic medical training was undertaken in South Africa and the specialty training in the United Kingdom. Currently she heads up the Kidsallergy Centre - a busy paediatric and allergy clinic in Cape Town. She also does sessions at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital as a paediatric allergy specialist and is an Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Cape Town.
Dr Shaquir Salduker

Dr Shaquir Salduker

Durban Pain Clinic
Dr Shaquir Salduker is a psychiatrist by training, and also have an interest in the management of chronic pain. He runs a pain clinic in Durban for the last 16 years, called the Durban Pain Clinic. The reason he got involved with pain is because a lot of patients who have been suffering with pain ultimately get referred to psychiatrists.
Professor Guy Richards

Professor Guy Richards

Emeritus Professor, Wits University
Emeritus Professor, Wits University, retired. Professor Richards has led many critical care initiatives in Southern Africa and is currently involved in developing a new understanding of COVID-19 infection and its consequences.
Dr Jean Maritz

Dr Jean Maritz

Specialist Virologist at Pathcare
Dr Jean Maritz studied medicine at Stellenbosch University where he specialised in medical virology. He remained at the National Health Laboratory Service at Tygerberg Hospital as a consultant virologist for 5 years before joining PathCare in January 2018. Jean’s research interests are broad and include novel molecular viral diagnostics, HIV reservoir dynamics as well as viral infections of the eye and the central nervous system.
Professor Shabir A. Madhi

Professor Shabir A. Madhi

Professor of Vaccinology, University of the Witwatersrand
Professor Madhi is the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences (WITS) and Director of the world-renowned Medical Research Council Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Analytics Research Unit (VIDA). He also chairs the National Advisory Group on Immunization in South Africa. Madhi has done extensive research on the epidemiology and clinical development of various vaccines which has informed WHO recommendations. For his work, Prof Madhi has received many awards and accolades including the Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership Award for Scientific Leadership.