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The burden of osteoporosis and fragility fractures

The incidence of fragility fracture is increasing in the South African population. Currently, poor outcomes are associated with treatment and interventions that do not meet international recommendations.


What will I learn in this module?

As the size of the ageing population increases in South Africa, the incidence of hip fracture is increasing and the public sector bears the majority of this burden. Risk and incidence of fragility fracture vary depending on gender and ethnicity. Currently, time to admission and surgery for fragility fracture in South Africa do not meet international recommendations, although there is a wide disparity between the public and private healthcare sectors and urban and rural areas. South Africa has a higher hip fracture 30-day mortality than developed countries.

About our expert Prof Bilkish Cassim

Professor Cassim is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Geriatrics at the University of Kwazulu-Natal. She is also President of the South African Geriatrics Society for 2004 – 2009. Prof Cassim is linked to the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE) and the International Collaboration for the Care of the Elderly (ICCE) based at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Learning objectives

Current evidence on:

  • The burden of osteoporosis and fragility fractures in South Africa
  • Incidence and life-time probability of fragility fractures as determined by gender and ethnicity
  • Post-fracture mortality and morbidity.

Key learning

In South Africa:

  • The incidence of hip fractures is increasing
  • The public sector bears a higher burden of hip fracture than the private sector
  • Time to admission and surgery does not meet current recommendations
  • There is a higher mortality rate at 30 days compared to developed countries
  • Significant disability following hip fracture persists at one year.

How is the module assessed?

There are 6 video chapters with 10 multiple-choice questions. The answers are marked automatically so you instantly know your score and if you have passed. You have 3 attempts to retry.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa is a non-profit, voluntary health organisation dedicated to promoting lifelong bone health in South Africa. The content, opinions and statements made in this module are those of the presenter's healthcare professional and do not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsor or mediXeed