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mediXeed is your premier destination for innovative e-learning design and development, multimedia production, and events management that are tailored exclusively for healthcare professionals.

Our mission is to create unique and enriching engagements, and learning experiences for our clients that empowers healthcare professionals to stay ahead of the curve in their fields.

To the medical and healthcare industry and organisations we offer a range of services from meticulously curated e-learning activities, and diverse multimedia productions, to events that are designed to foster learning, collaboration, and professional growth. We revolutionise healthcare education and networking opportunities.

Healthcare professionals can explore our dynamic platform for cutting-edge CPD activities, expert led talks, and join us for upcoming events. Elevate your expertise with mediXeed!

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Free modules for healthcare professionals in South Africa.

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Best Practices

In this module the following will be discussed: What is Best Practice, Non sharing of best practices – what are the results, Communication, Performance management, Knowledge management...


The role of intellectual property in healthcare

In this module the following will be discussed: What is intellectual property (IP) and IP law, What are the types of IP and how do we protect them, How does IP relate to best practices in the healthcare sector, What are the benefits of sharing IP.


Mammography: Don’t let cancer creep up on you

In this module the following will be discussed: What is a mammogram, Where did it start, Incidence of breast cancer, Who should have a screening mammogram, Risk factors.


The ABC of D.R.E.A.M. get ready to Dare, Dream, Deliver with Greatness

Having a good attitude as a healthcare professional, especially as a nurse, is of paramount importance for several reasons. First and foremost, a positive attitude fosters a sense of trust and comfort among patients, creating...


Through the looking glass into the mirror

In this module the following will be discussed: The Healthcare Industry: A Future Perspective, The World of AI, Propensity to Hand-off, Propensity to Change, Innovation.


Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive – an overview

In this module the following will be discussed: Why are rare diseases important?, Patient Journey through diagnosis, Quotes from The Diagnostic Odessey, Clinical Features of FOP, Flare Ups &Triggers, Management, Treatment Targets, About Tin Soldiers.

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