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We are a South African based eLearning Media House. We develop and produce relevant, interactive, and engaging learning experience that is worthy of the 21st Century.

Our focus is to ensure that healthcare professionals, both locally and internationally, stay up-to-date with the latest medical research, treatments, and legislations, enabling healthcare professionals to excel in practice, and exceed healthcare expectations.

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FLS as a proven solution to deliver effective and sustainable secondary fracture prevention

This presentation will cover the managing complexity of FLS (Fracture Liaison Service) by elaborating on the definition for FLS, the benefits of FLS, reviewing the health economics of FLS and how a CTF programme can support local efforts.


Workshop – Counselling skills to assist with the management of employees and students not performing

In this module we will look at how to handle challenging scenarios with confidence through profitable questions. Are you going to inspire, lead, develop or support?


Scope of practice – what has changed?

In this module, we look at the scope of practice, the framework of the newly published scope and the general aspects & implications. We will also look at the nursing education qualifications framework.


The Covid years – the impact on nursing and nursing education

Covers the impact that the Covid years had on nursing and nursing education. “Love, death, fear, guilt, pride, hope, friendship, alienation and so much sorrow. Through it all, they kept showing up.”


Grounding Nursing Regulation in South Africa to light the future of the nursing profession

In the recent past South African Nursing Council has embarked on the development of strategic documents in order to align itself with the transformation in nursing education and practice.


Navigating Nursing’s Future: Charting our New Reality

In this module you will learn how to identify the reasons for the nursing shortage and the current state of the nursing workforce and nursing education and be able to list innovative solutions that focus on the nurse's role in leading collaboration.

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